A lot of work goes into refurbishing furniture and getting it ready for resale, we will show you how to ensure that your pieces are ready to go.

You should also ensure that you are healthy enough to be around the chemicals requires to refurbish furniture.

Flipping furniture for a profit can be simply broken down into the following elements:

If executed properly, you should be able to consistently find, refurbish, market, and sell your furniture for a profit. Simply click on the links to explore each subject in full detail.

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flipping furniture for profit is fun but difficultWant to make more money in a couple of months than you did last year? Learning how to flip furniture for profit can easily make you five figures per month if done properly.  You can even turn it into a full-time business with employees. The best part about buying, refurbishing, and reselling antiques and furniture is the low barrier to entry. Anyone can start flipping furniture for $20.

The key to making money in buying and selling furniture for profit is finding furniture and antiques at an extremely low price. This sounds a lot easier than it actually is. In our blog we go into more detail about where to find good deals on furniture but we suggest finding a specific brand or type of furniture that you know well and sticking to it. Branching out into unknown types of furniture without the proper amount of research is a risky proposition and could mean taking a loss or taking a long time to sell.

The next most important part of flipping furniture is selling quickly. Even if you have sell furniture for slightly less money, it’s worth it to sell it faster. Flipping furniture is truly a matter of economy of scale. The more money you have to invest in furniture to flip, the more money you can make. It seems pretty intuitive but if you think about how much slower it takes you to grow your income from 2 pieces vs 100 pieces, you can see how important it is to have the proper amount of seed money. Even if you have lots of money to invest its worthless if you don’t have the knowledge and steps in place to make a profit.

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How to Buy and Sell Furniture & Antiques for Profit