What to Look for When Purchasing Furniture or Antiques to Flip

Before deciding on a specific piece of furniture to buy and sell, there are a few things you should ensure.

  • Ensure that the piece is structurally sound, or can be made so.
  • Make sure that you are able to correct any damage that may be on the piece.
  • Ensure that the value of the piece will not decline once it has been refurbished. Some furniture will lose value once the original stain and marks are removed.
  • Decide what measures will be needed to refurbish the furniture. Will it be worth your time to work on the piece
  • Do not overload yourself. It can be easy to collect so many pieces that you feel bogged down on the number of refinishes that you have put on yourself.


There are many ways to reinforce the structure of a piece. Make sure that you know how to reinforce each piece you buy that is unstable.


flipping furniture for profit

Finding a solid piece of furniture that is under-priced can be tricky.


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